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Hi! I'm Jesse

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I'm Jesse Torres, the chief Longevity Enthusiast at I launched this website after spending over a year intensely researching longevity and longevity practices following a couple of dreadful COVID years in which my health deteriorated dramatically.

I'm a lifelong athlete, having been a distance runner into my mid-30s and a competitive soccer player my entire life. Despite these athletic achievements, I managed to let myself go in my 50s, bringing into question my long-term prospects.

Recognizing that there is still much I would like to accomplish personally and professionally, I assessed myself and determined that based on my trajectory at the time, there was no way my body and mind would support my remaining goals and ambitions. So I began researching longevity and longevity practices. Based on what I have learned during that ongoing journey I launched this site.

My goal with this site is to share my findings related to longevity. With my writings, I hope to spark thought and perhaps even some action. Most of us take living for granted and do not consciously work to ensure that we do the things necessary to provide for our longest and healthiest life possible. This site is about providing readers with the tools needed to make sound decisions about how to best go about making our remaining days the most fruitful possible.

I hope you enjoy what I have prepared for you. Live long, live strong.


Explore Longevity With Me

Workshops & Retreats

From time to time I will conduct in-person and online events. The best way to learn about these events is to subscribe to my site. Subscribers will receive notifications when I announce a special event.


Over the years I have been asked to speak at seminars, conferences, trade shows, and other events throughout the country. Subscribe to my site and you will receive notices whenever I have been asked to speak. 

Corporate Training

Companies invest thousands and even millions of dollars in their workforces. As such, it seems logical that they do what is necessary to make sure that their investments provide the greatest possible return. A sick and dying (albeit slowly) workforce does no one any good.  It's not good for the company and it's not good for the worker.

I am available to companies that see the value in encouraging their employees to adopt longevity practices. Teaching your employees longevity practices is not only good for business, but it can also add years of healthy living to your employees.  That's a human resource!

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